Thursday, 5 July 2012

David Kelly laid to rest

This is the report on the BBC News website regarding Dr David Kelly's funeral on the afternoon of Wednesday 6 August:

I added a comment to my last post but one in which I pondered about the presence of Lord Hutton and his senior counsel James Dingemans at the funeral.  Why did they turn up?  They didn't know David Kelly personally.  Surely, aged 72 at the time, Hutton would have realised that it wasn't the done thing to turn up at what was essentially a private gathering of mourners.

However, as his employer, it was right that the government were represented.  Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon had a long standing arrangement to be on holiday in the US according to this article and so John Prescott appeared instead:  Under the circumstances described I don't have a problem with Hoon's decision in this instance and it sounds as if he discussed the situation with Mrs Kelly.  However his earlier decision not to cancel going to the British Grand Prix, a couple of days after the body discovery, was crass and insensitive.

There was a report, briefly alluded to in this article, that Dr Kelly's colleagues had been 'warned off' going to the funeral:  It looks as if Dr Kelly had rubbed shoulders with various spooksPerhaps there were people who might have turned up who had a little too much knowledge of Kelly, more than was good for them.

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