Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dr Kelly's body was moved after he was found

In this blog I have previously covered the actions of the two volunteer searchers on Friday 18 July together with those of the three police officers, DC Coe, PC Franklin and PC Sawyer.  I have also recorded the testimonies of the ambulance crew (Vanessa Hunt and Dave Bartlett) and commented on them.  One of the most apparent aspects of the cover up was the movement of Dr Kelly's body after discovery but before confirmation of death.  

On 18 April 2012 a formal request was made by Dr Andrew Watt and myself to the Attorney General that he apply to the High Court for an inquest to be held into Dr Kelly's suspicious death.  Although some of our other many concerns were voiced  in the document priority was given to clearly and comprehensively dealing with the movement of the body.  Our analysis should surely leave nobody in any doubt that Dr Kelly's body was moved.  If you disagree feel free to say so in the comments and explain your reasoning.

Subsequent to lodging our application it was incorporated into an article in "Global Research" by Stephen Frost and we are grateful to him for doing this.  Rather than me trying to reproduce sections of it for this post I think it makes more sense to give a link to the article.  

Many of the "Other issues of Concern" have already been touched on by me.  There are links there to one of Andrew's blogs, where he has also highlighted some of these matters.

This is the link to the "Global Research" article: 


  1. Has any response been made by the Attorney General since your application on 18 April 2012?

  2. A very brief response has been received dismissing our application.