Sunday, 23 September 2012

FOI response about PC Sawyer's photographs.

This post needs to be read in conjunction with my last one in which I had cast doubt about the police evidence that the paramedics had confimed death at 10.07.  We know that PC Sawyer took photographs at the scene before and after death had been confirmed ... most of them before.  Therefore if we knew exactly when the photographs were taken we could get a good fix on the actual time and whether 10.07 was in fact accurate.

Fortunately the question has been asked by someone as a Freedom of Information request to Thames Valley Police.  The FOI request covered a number of matters so for clarity I shall just reproduce the part that concerns the times of Sawyer's photographs:

This request, reference RFI2011000524, was received on Tuesday 12 July 2011, 9:32am.

Do the electronic image files of any of the photographs carry time and / or date information (this does not refer to the printed photograph but the electronic files)? 

EXIF information indicates the photos of the body in situ were taken at: 10.10:18, 10.10:37, 10.11:08, 10.11:20, 10.13:40 & 10.15:05.

This response very clearly suggests that the 10.07 time given by PC Franklin in his testimony was incorrect and that death was confirmed some minutes later.

However it's not just the response to this particular part of the FOI request that points to the official narrative being in error.   We also now know that Franklin and Sawyer were logged in at the outer cordon at 10.00 am and are subsequently logged out at 10.26.  Another FOI request had established that the paramedics were also logged out of the outer cordon at that same time of 10.26.  If the 10.07 time were correct then the seven minutes prior to it would be far too short and the nineteen minutes after surprisingly long.

Why the 10.07 time came into being isn't clear to me.  What I can say though with conviction is that I am certain that it is wrong. 

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