Monday, 10 September 2012

PC Sawyer - at the scene

PC Sawyer's examination by Mr Knox continues:

Q. Did you see anything on the way? Did you notice anything on the way?
A. No, no. As we walked through the woods we were leaving our aluminium poles, which have a fluorescent marker on the top, so we could establish the route we had taken into the woods. As we crested the slight rise, I saw the body lying at the base of a tree. I then said to PC Franklin and the paramedics to stop while I got my digital camera because I wanted to take a record of the scene before it was -- before we actually approached it at all. So I took a number of pictures as we approached the body, and of the body and the surrounding area; and then the paramedics asked if they could do their job, to which we said: yes.

They tried to -- they used the paddles of the electrocardiogram machine to try to see if there was a sign of life through Dr Kelly's shirt. They were unable to do so and said: could they undo the shirt?  I said: yes. I asked them to wait for a second. I took another two more reference pictures. They then undid the shirt, put the electrodes on and got a graph from the machine which showed there were no signs of life.
I then -- they disconnected their equipment from the machine, leaving the electrodes in place; I asked them to do that. I then took a further reference shot to
show the electrodes in place.

Q. Before the paramedics approached Dr Kelly's body, can you remember what position it was in?
A. Lying on its back with its head at the base of a tree, a large tree. The head was tilted to the left. The right arm was by the side. The left arm was palm down. There was a large amount of blood on the back of the left arm. There was a watch and a curved knife by that wrist.
Q. And you say a curved knife. Was it open? Was it a pen knife?
A. It was open. I have seen gardening pruning knives which look identical. I would have called it a pruning knife.
Q. Did you see a bottle of water?
A. I did, by Dr Kelly's head. There was an open bottle of Evian, 500 ml or 300 ml bottle, with the cap by the side of it, by his head.
Q. Was it upright?
A. It was leaning slightly. It had been propped but it was upright. There was still some water in it.

Q. What injuries did you see on the body itself?
A. I could not see any actual injuries because the injuries, I believe, were hidden by the wrist being turned down. But there was a large amount of blood there, and also from the mouth, the corner of -- the right-hand corner of the mouth to the ear there was a dark stain where I took it that Dr Kelly had vomited and it had run down the side of his face.
Q. What about on his face, were there any marks or stains on his clothes?
A. His jeans -- he was wearing jeans, they were pulled up slightly, exposing the lower half of his leg or his ankle. It looked as if he had slid down and his trousers had ridden up. I believe on the right-hand knee there was a patch of what I took to be blood, but I do not know what it was, but it had the appearance of blood.
Q. Did he still have his jacket on?
A. Yes.
Q. Were there any marks on the jacket, as far as you could see?
A. No, only the blood from his wrist. 

PC Sawyer's answers are reasonably detailed and some quite long.  The overall impression is of someone who is self confident, perhaps more so than PC Franklin.  

As happened with PC Franklin he failed to mention the Barbour cap.  According to Dave Bartlett, one of the ambulance crew, the cap was present.  Viewed  as a clothing item perhaps it didn't register with Franklin and Sawyer in the way that the knife, watch and water bottle did.  Alternatively there might have been an ulterior motive for not mentioning it.

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