Friday, 14 September 2012

PC Sawyer - articles written by him

During his examination at the Hutton Inquiry PC Sawyer talked quite freely I thought whereas PC Franklin in my opinion was the quieter of the two.  Mr Sawyer also has a penchant for writing it seems because the search and rescue magazine "SAR World" published a couple of articles by him and these gave a further insight into the specialisms of he and his colleagues:

I notice that there was some reorganisation of the police search functions since he writes of the formation of the Policing Support Team based at the Royal Lodge, Windsor and, note the date, 'Since June 2003', in other words a few weeks before Dr Kelly's death.

Unsurprisingly he refers to the missing person search for Dr Kelly in the first article.  It's useful that he confirms that it was PS Paul Woods who was responsible for calling out SEBEV.  Paul Chapman at the Inquiry said that he got an initial page soon after 5 o'clock ... so a very early decision was made to at least have SEBEV on standby.

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