Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Guardian stifles debate

Occasionally I have to break into what I would call the natural rhythm of this blog to record a matter of moment.  This happened in the post before last when I decided to highlight the cartoon that John Goss had just uploaded to youtube.

Importantly Archbishop Desmond Tutu has demanded that George Bush and Tony Blair be tried for their war crimes at The Hague.  Amongst many other places the story is on the Guardian/Observer website.  Now my blog isn't primarily concerned with the subject of the invasion of Iraq - of course that is very important to me but my attention is directed to trying to ascertain the truth regarding Dr Kelly's death and to expose the related huge cover up.

The sixth comment under the Guardian story by "ChanceyGardener" reads - or rather did read - 'He should also face trial over the death of Dr David Kelly'.  I noted the comment this morning and at the time it was recommended by 2045 people ... an extraordinary number in my opinion, and demonstrating just how much Dr Kelly's suspicious death is still resonating with folk.

A little later I checked it again and the "recommends" had gone over 2100 but I didn't note the precise number.  When the total was at the 2045 figure I commented on that fact on a private facebook group.  Subsequently the Guardian has removed the comment - a moderator took it down 'because it didn't abide by our community standards' 

This demonstratrates all too clearly the censorship the Guardian and other media are applying to the death of Dr Kelly.  It is now only the internet where you can hope to get reasoned argument and debate.

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  1. For the avoidance of any doubt I am NOT the commenter "ChanceyGardener". His comment was near the top of the pile and I saw it after I read the article.