Thursday, 23 August 2012

DC Coe - the next day

A very short post because there was so little said by Coe about his actions on the following day - Saturday 19th.

Q. What about on the following day? We know the following morning there was a search made of Dr Kelly's premises. Were you at all involved in that?
A. Yes, I was. I went to the premises and at that time I had an attachment with me who acted as an exhibits officer at the house and I oversaw what he did. I made no search whatsoever of the premise.
Q. And is there anything else you would like to say about the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr Kelly?
A. Nothing whatsoever.

The use of the word "whatsoever" - twice - rings alarm bells with me.  He is almost challenging Mr Knox not to ask further questions.  In my opinion it's not natural for a police officer to use such phraseology. 

Following form Mr Knox fails to ask DC Coe what time he started and what time he finished overseeing the attachment at the Kelly home.

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  1. Yes indeed. I notice the same word whatsover standing out strangely in this denial of UK involvement in the Mossad assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist earlier this year...
    The British Foreign Office also said Britain had "no involvement whatsoever" in the attack.
    [Source: The Australian, also in The Times (London), 16 Jan 2012]