Saturday, 18 August 2012

Louise Holmes - police witness statement

Extracts of the police witness statement of Louise Holmes have been included in Annex TVP 3 and Annex TVP 1, which are two of the documents on the Attorney General's website. 

These two documents won't be examined in detail in this post ... I just want to record what Louise Holmes had to say so that the revealed part of her written statement  can be viewed and compared with what she stated at the Inquiry. 

I saw the body of a male person.  I did not go any closer than 4 feet from the body.
I saw a significant amount of blood, which was located on the left arm of this person and on his trousers.  I saw that this person was slumped against the base of the tree with his head and shoulders resting on the trunk, his legs were stretched out straight in front of him.  I thought that the left arm had been cut off because of its position and angle that I had seen it resting at.  The left arm was laid out to the left of his body, it seemed to be bent backwards at a funny angle.  I did not touch the body, however it is possible that my dog 'Brock' may have moved the body when it was found.  The right arm of the person was positioned by the right side of the body. 

At the base of this tree I saw the body of a male person ..... At this point Paul Chapman was about 30 metres behind me, but he could see the location of the tree and the body.  I returned to him using the same route I had taken to the tree, so that I did not disturb any other areas of the scene.

When I reached Paul Chapman, he then tried to phone the leader of the volunteer search group.  He was unable to contact him.  He then made a 999 call to report to the Police Control Room at Abingdon that we had some information.  We were then called back on his mobile phone and we advised the caller that a body had been found and the location where we were positioned.

Shortly afterwards we left the wooded area 'C' and returned to the track 'B' using the previous entry point into the wooded area.  Nobody else was in sight and in order to meet up and show Police Officers where the body had been found, we walked south along the track 'B' towards Common Lane.

We met 3 Police Officers in plain clothes who identified themselves and we showed them our identity cards.  We advised them that we had found a body in Harrowdown Hill 'C'. Paul then went with the 3 Police Officers to show them the location of the body and I returned to my vehicle parked in Common Lane at 'A'.

Louise Holmes confirms the position of the body in this video (scroll to 6:35)

I'll sum up my thoughts on the evidence of Louise Holmes in my next post.

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