Saturday, 11 August 2012

Dr Kelly's last interview now on Youtube

My seventh blogpost, which happened to be on the 7th May, was titled "Dr Kelly Interview - Germ Warfare"In it I provided a link to the Google video which was the last interview with Dr KellyRather than my repeating what I had said in that post I shall just provide the link

I'm pleased to see that someone has now uploaded the video to youtube where hopefully it will attract a new and larger audience.  Just under 50 minutes long it gives a fascinating insight into some of the other achievements of Dr Kelly ... other than his important work as a weapons inspector in Iraq.

I found it to be absolutely fascinating: there is an interesting contrast depicted between his involvement in cleaning up Gruinard Island after the anthrax tests there, this being a purely technical exercise, and his debriefing of a Russian who was right at the heart of that country's massive biological weapons programme.  David Kelly had made the significant move from being simply a very good boffin into the much more murky world where science meets intelligence.

Dr Kelly's importance to the intelligence community is evidenced by the fact that he had a very high security clearance - not just in the UK but in the United States as well.  The question that arises in my mind is whether certain people felt that he had rather too much inside knowledge and that he might disseminate some of that knowledge making life very uncomfortable for some elements ... not only in the UK perhaps.

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