Friday, 3 August 2012

Nobody saw Dr Kelly at Harrowdown Hill

We are told in the official narrative that the dead body of Dr Kelly was discovered by search dog "Brock" in the wood that surmounts Harrowdown Hill.  If Dr Kelly had decided to commit suicide as the authorities would have us believe then fairly evidently he would have walked to Harrowdown Hill and then into the woodA very odd website called "Southend Leaks" has come up with a different scenario though in which they maintain that Dr Kelly killed himself elsewhere and his body was then moved to the wood which would have necessitated the recreation of the suicide as it were.  There are various reasons why "Southend Leaks" doesn't ring true which I won't discuss now.

The case for Dr Kelly walking up to Harrowdown Hill and into the wood would be bolstered if there was evidence of him being sighted after he had been in conversation with Ruth Absalom.  In a comment on the last post but one from me (about Paul Weaving) Frank had pointed out that there had been no less than six witnesses that he was aware of who, during the course of the afternoon and evening of the 17th July, might have been expected to have spotted Dr Kelly ...  if not all at least some of them.  These were two farmers, an employee of one of them, a dog walker, a horse rider and a badger watcher.  None of these did.  It seems that the alleged sighting of David Kelly by Mr Weaving was before Dr Kelly met Ms Absalom.

It has been stated that there was a thorough investigation of possible witnesses to the routes that Dr Kelly would have taken.  Part of number 46 in the schedule of responses to issues raised deals with this
This is the relevant two paragraphs in the response:

In the days following the discovery of Dr Kelly's body a house-to-house operation was conducted in Southmoor, Longworth and the routes between the two villages.  This included any "premise which overlooked the possible routes taken".  In total 167 premises were identified and visited.  This was a large operation and took some weeks to complete.

A checkpoint was established on the public footpaths that cross Harrowdown Hill woods in an effort to identify potential witnesses to the movements of the deceased.

I think that there are two alternative reasons for this particular police operation: firstly, that this was a very thorough investigation and no stone was being left unturned.  The second possibility was that an element of Thames Valley Police knew that Dr Kelly hadn't walked to Harrowdown Hill and so the house-to-house operation was a piece of elaborate window dressing.

Whatever viewpoint one takes the police failed to muster a single witness to say they had seen Dr Kelly.  There is thus no evidence that he had voluntarily entered the wood where he was found.

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  1. In my post I had pointed out two possible reasons for TVP having carried out the elaborate process of identifying and visiting 167 premises. Another option has been put to me and that is the concern that perhaps the residents had seen something that they shouldn't have in relation to Dr Kelly's disappearance.

    I think that this is quite possible and something to discuss perhaps when I write about the mysterious "Operation Mason".