Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Gold, silver, bronze after the body is found

In my last post I expressed some thoughts about the gold, silver and bronze structure during the search phase.  It seems to me, in this instance, quite likely for the personnel taking on these responsibilities to have changed once Dr Kelly's body had been found at Harrowdown Hill.  If there was one bronze commander only at any particular time then I would suggest that the POLSA would have been replaced by the Chief Investigating Officer DCI Young.  Mr Young was appointed by ACC Page ... whose own status was changed to "Silver" I would have thought.

This is an extract from ACC Page's evidence given to Mr Dingemans:

Q. Having received the information about Dr Kelly's body being found, did you go to the scene?
A. No, I did not.
Q. What happened after that information had come to your attention?
A. Well, from my perspective I appointed a senior investigating officer, a man who would, if you like, carry out the technical issues around the investigation.  I met fairly quickly with my Chief Constable and we decided what levels of resourcing and what levels of investigation we should apply to these circumstances.

This reference to meeting the Chief Constable (Peter Neyroud) suggests to me that Neyroud became "Gold".  It's worth noting I think that another FoI request and response informed us that Neyroud visited the House of Lords for a meeting with Hutton on 22 July.  This was the only meeting the two had. 
I have to admit that my thoughts here are speculative; it does seem reasonable to me though for the command structure to change when a search becomes an investigation.

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