Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Odd interrogation of Ruth Absalom

Still on the subject of Ruth Absalom there is an interesting story that Norman Baker relates in his book (P206-207) which, at a minimum, is quite odd. 

Norman talks of a local reporter, Robert Wilkinson, who was interviewing folk in Southmoor following the death.  The Wagon and Horses is the pub opposite the Kelly home and Mr Wilkinson noticed a conspicuous parked car there with its two occupants talking to local residents ... one of whom was Ruth Absalom. Mr Wilkinson spoke to Ms Absalom to establish the identity of the two men but she wouldn't say as the two men had been most insistent that she should reveal nothing if asked.

The reporter tapped on the car window and asked the two men who they worked for.  Apparently they just laughed with one replying 'Thames Valley Police'.  They weren't in uniform and Mr Wilkinson felt that they weren't from Special Branch.

Later that day he phoned the police to ask if any officers had been out interviewing neighbours.  The answer he got was in the negative.  He explained the events that had led him to pose the question.  Two days later he got an unexpected call from TVP explaining that they had made a mistake and that the occupants of the car as well as the car itself were from the constabulary.

Mr Baker poses the possibility that these men were in reality from the intelligence services.  The fact that Mr Wilkinson was contacted out of the blue two days later does seem strange.  Frustratingly the piece in the book doesn't tell us the actual date that the two men were speaking to Ms Absalom.

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