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The blood: the blood on Dr Kelly's clothing (1)

In this post I am starting to note the details of the blood on Dr Kelly's clothing at Harrowdown Hill using the published reports of Mr Green and Dr Hunt.

Dr Hunt's observations should be the more comprehensive as he is the specialist when it comes to bloodstains and he also tested the clothing in the laboratory.  Mr Green and Dr Hunt were working together at the scene so it's possible that Dr Hunt didn't notice all the bloodstains that he records in his report, perhaps Mr Green pointed them out.  I might I know be doing Dr Hunt a disservice here, I'm just mentioning a possibility, not necessarily a probability. 

The Barbour jacket 
Mr Green
Bloodstaining was evident on the waxed jacket (NCH.17), which was unfastened and tucked up under him so that the centre front was under the injured wrist.  Heavy sprays of blood were present on the lower left sleeve area, which appears to be in keeping with the injuries. A heavy bloodstain surrounded by spots of blood was observed on the right elbow area.  In my opinion this blood is likely to have sprayed onto the elbow from the injury, perhaps when one or more of the cuts were made.  If this was how it became bloodstained it would mean that at least one of the cuts would have to involve a motion where the right elbow passed across the injury to the left wrist.  This action could also have occurred when the deceased reached for the Evian water bottle.
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The coat was heavily bloodstained especially over the lower left sleeve and lower front where there were splashes of blood that were in keeping with Dr Kelly's injuries.  There was also heavy bloodstaining on the inside of the left sleeve which appeared to have run down the deceased's arm and into the sleeve.
Heavy bloodstains were present on the lower right sleeve and what appeared to be an arterial spurt was present on the back of this sleeve.  STR profiling of this stain gave a full profile matching that of Dr Kelly so this blood could have come from him.  Bloodstaining was also present over the front right and on the collar.  There was very little bloodstaining over the back of the garment (except for the sleeves). 

Dr Hunt:
Bloodstaining and contamination on clothing
  • There was some bloodstaining over the right elbow region and also over the right shoulder region of the waxed jacket.
  • There was heavy bloodstaining over the left arm, including that part which was within the jacket at the scene.
  • Dirt and bloodstaining over the back of the left elbow
  • Bloodstaining over the back of the left elbow
My thoughts 
  1. I'm assuming for the moment that no blood was added to the jacket after the ambulance team left the scene.
  2. I have no direct knowledge on this but wonder if bloodstains on a Barbour waxed jacket would be so obviously visible to a casual inspection as say similar stains on a shirt or jeans.  This may be partly why Vanessa Hunt and Dave Bartlett didn't describe the bloodstains on the jacket.
  3. Mr Green states that the waxed jacket was 'tucked up under him so that the centre front was under the injured wrist'.  No other witness report this, in fact Vanessa Hunt has the left arm outstretched to the left in her visit to the Inquiry.  Why didn't Dr Hunt note this very important detail?  It would surely have shown up on Mr McGee's photos too so Hutton should have been aware.
  4. The ambulance crew describe the left sleeve being pulled up toward the elbow.  With a certain amount of rucking then the staining on the lower part of the sleeve would be far less evident I suggest.
  5. The suggestion by Mr Green that Dr Kelly might have reached over the wrist for the water bottle doesn't make much sense at all.  Why not have the bottle propped up to the right of the body or failing that kept upright between his thighs.  
  6. My belief is that Mr Green sees the body with the left sleeve rolled down.  If he had seen it at the same time as the paramedics then he would surely have realised the difficulty of blood getting into the rucked sleeve area.
  7. Dr Hunt (correctly) records the fact that the jeans were partly pulled up the legs of the body.  But there is no similar comment in his report regarding the left sleeve of the jacket.  I believe that the left sleeve either was pulled down or slipped down when the lower left arm was repositioned.

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