Friday, 29 June 2012

The mobile phone - Freedom of Information request

I note this Freedom of Information request and response on the Thames Valley Police website:

This request, reference RFI2010000133, was received on Monday 08 November 2010, 10:48am.
1) At what time was Dr Kelly’s mobile phone last operating and did it cease operating because it was switched off or because it was damaged? 2) Was it damaged or undamaged when found by police officers? 3) At what time was it last operating? 4) Can you confirm at what time the last call from the mobile was made, and at what time the last call to the mobile was made, and what the location of Dr Kelly was on the occasion of those two calls, giving the grid reference or similar.
1) We do not hold information as to when Dr Kelly’s mobile telephone was last operating.
2) There were no signs of damage to the phone.
3) See response to point 1.
4) Last outgoing call was at 12.58hrs on 17/7/2003.
Last incoming call was at 19.18hrs on 16/7/2003.
We do not hold information about the location of Dr Kelly at the time the calls were made.

From reading the official narrative it seems quite likely to me that the 19.18 time was a call to her husband from Mrs Kelly who had come up to Oxford by train that day from Cornwall and arrived in the evening.

The 12.58 time for the last outgoing call from the mobile is interesting.  Mrs Kelly's testimony has her husband sitting in the sitting room at about 12.30.  At some stage they have some sandwiches and after that Mrs Kelly developed a huge headache ... she went upstairs to lie down, something she said she quite often would do because of her arthritis.  The timing she gave for this was 'about half past 1, quarter to two perhaps' .  Mrs Kelly also says in relation to her headache that she was physically sick several times so it's not inconceivable that, unknown to her, her husband used his mobile while he was in the sitting room and she had gone to the toilet.

I have no idea as to the recipient of the 12.58 call.

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