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The blood: the blood on Dr Kelly's clothing (2)

In my last post I recorded the evidence of blood on Dr Kelly's Barbour jacket ... as seen through the eyes of Mr Green and Dr Hunt in their reports.  Now I want to do the same thing in discussing the blood seen on Dr Kelly's jeans.  It will be noticed that there are some unexplained peculiarities.

The jeans
Mr Green

The right knee of the jeans bore a roughly circular contact bloodstain that was approximately 8 cm in diameter.  This showed that at sometime during the incident and after the deceased had sustained an injury to his wrist he had knelt in a pool of blood.  One such area of bloodstaining was visible by the left hip of the deceased.  This area of bloodstaining was sampled as item AMH.29, STR profiling of the blood on this swab produced a full profile which matched that of Dr Kelly.
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Item NCH.10 was a faded pair of blue jeans.  The jeans bore a large contact bloodstain just below the right knee area, which measured approximately 8 cm in diameter.  Although the stain was below the right knee in my opinion if the right leg of the jeans had rucked up slightly this area could have covered the right knee.  STR profiling of this stain confirmed the presence of blood that could have come from Dr David Kelly.  Therefore this bloodstain could have been the result of Dr Kelly kneeling in a pool of his own blood.
A diluted bloodstain of a similar size was present on the left leg below the level of the large contact bloodstain described above and more towards the left side of the leg.  Small bloodstains were present over the thigh areas of both legs and several smeared contact stains were present on the upper front right, between the right pocket and the fly area.  STR profiling of one of these stains gave a full STR profile, which matched that of Dr David Kelly.  So this blood could have come from him.  Smears of blood were present on the back of the lower left leg.  A few small stains were present on the lower right leg also, together with small contact stains on the right seat.

Dr Hunt

  • A pair of blue denim jeans, the zip of which was done up.  The left leg of the jeans was pulled up to approximately mid-calf level.  The right leg was pulled up to just above the ankle.
Bloodstaining and contamination on clothing
  • There was some bloodstaining over the right groin area and over the tops of both thighs
  • There was a heavier patch of bloodstaining over the right knee area.  Also in this area was greenish material.
  • There was a patch of light bloodstaining over the inner aspect of the right knee.
PC Sawyer (at the Inquiry)

Q. What about on his face, were there any marks or stains on his clothes?
A. His jeans -- he was wearing jeans, they were pulled up slightly, exposing the lower half of his leg or his ankle. It looked as if he had slid down and his trousers had ridden up. I believe on the right-hand knee there was a patch of what I took to be blood, but I do not know what it was, but it had the appearance of blood.

The two paramedics have a very different recollection to about the size of the stain on the right knee of the jeans when compared with Mr Green's description:
Dave Bartlett (at the Hutton Inquiry):                      'about 25 mm across'
Vanessa Hunt (interview in the Observer)             'the size of a 50p piece'
Dave Bartlett (interview in the Mail on Sunday)    'a spot the size of a 10p'

These three descriptions by the paramedics are essentially identical.

My thoughts
  1. As one would expect the descriptions of blood on the jeans is more detailed in Mr Green's statement than those recorded in Dr Hunt's report.
  2. The diluted bloodstain noted by Mr Green on the left leg isn't mentioned by Dr Hunt.  This suggests that it may not have been apparent until close inspection and testing was carried out at the laboratory.
  3. Mr Green doesn't try to explain the presence of the diluted bloodstain.  Perhaps Dr Kelly had had some mishap previously leading to this bloodstain and there had been an unsuccessful attempt at washing it off.
  4. Apart from the bloodstain on the right knee the remaining blood spots and stains on the jeans appear to be such that because of their size or location they wouldn't be readily visible to the paramedics.
  5. Similarly PC Sawyer notes the stain on the right knee only.
  6. Surprisingly Mr Green makes no reference to the greenish material that Dr Hunt reported.
  7. The bloodstain seen by Mr Green on the right knee is approximately TEN times bigger in area than that reported by the paramedics.  Is this credible unless blood has been added?  I don't believe so.  At 8 cm in diameter it would cover virtually the whole of the kneecap.
  8. There is no evidence that Hutton ever read Mr Green's report although it was available to the Inquiry which is not the same thing as being sent there.  For Hutton to arrive at a conclusion regarding Dr Kelly's death without reference to Mr Green's detailed findings is quite ridiculous.  The coroner, Nicolas Gardiner, wasn't privy to any evidence, written or spoken, from Mr Green before the death was registered on 18 August 2003.  

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