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The blood: the blood on Dr Kelly's clothing (3)

This post will focus on what was reported about Dr Kelly's shirt

The shirt
Mr Green

He wore a striped shirt (NCH.18), that was partly unbuttoned, exposing his chest and over this was a green Barbour waxed jacket (NCH.17).
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The shirt (NCH.18) had short sleeves and had buttons up the centre front.  There were light contact smears of blood over the right side and collar.  A few small heavier bloodstains were present on the upper front of the shirt.  Contact bloodstains were present over much of the back of the left sleeve.  This bloodstaining could be accounted for by transfer of blood from the inside of the left sleeve of the Barbour jacket on to the shirt.
A few small heavy bloodstains were found on the back of the right sleeve.  These stains had not originated from the jacket and the jacket would have covered these areas when it was worn.  STR profiling showed that this blood could have come from Dr Kelly.  In my opinion the staining on the back of the right sleeve occurred when the garment was removed from the body of the deceased and therefore is of no evidential significance.

Dr Hunt

  • A blue, grey and white-striped shirt; the upper four buttons of which were undone.  The shirt had been left slightly open to expose the upper chest area and an ECG electrode pad was visible over the left, upper chest.
Bloodstaining and contamination on clothing
  • There was bloodstaining visible over front of the right side of the shirt beneath the left hand, the palm of which was bloodstained.
 My thoughts

  1. Mr Green sees some bloodstains on the upper front of the shirt.  Do these match up with the blood on the palm of the right hand?  According to Dr Hunt though, and contrary to other witnesses the right fist was clenched over the right chest area.  More thoughts later on the right arm/hand.
  2. Dave Bartlett in his interview with Matt Sandy and published on 12 September 2010 said there were 'a few specks on his shirt'.  Perhaps this is the blood just referred to and became visible when the right hand was lifted from the chest area.
  3. Mr Green gives a possible reason for the presence of the few small heavy bloodstains on the back of the right sleeve.  This is difficult to believe but unless the jacket was put on after the blood arrived there then it is difficult to think of an alternative explanation.
  4. Mr Green records the fact that it was a short sleeved shirt.  I can only think that it was a  mistake on the part of Dr Hunt to refer to the left hand over the right side of the shirt.

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