Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dr Hunt - what he did before 14.10 (3)

Mentioned in my last post was the fact that Dr Hunt confirmed the death at the scene at 12.35.  His detailed examination with Mr Green commenced at 14.10.  He withdrew from the scene and was away from it for just over one and a half hours. Did he use this time to advantage?

Frustratingly we don't know what he did in this time gap and he was never asked.  This post is concerned with some things, in my opinion, he should have been doing and thinking about.
  • He should have asked the police to find out about Dr Kelly's handedness in view of the injury to the left wrist.  In a statement WPC Roberts (Family liaison officer) said that she asked this question of Sian Kelly on 19 July but it's not known if Dr Hunt was told
  • In view of Dr Kelly's job it was quite likely that there would be a history of medical tests by a government doctor.  Any such reports and any similar from his GP should have been requested.
  • If there was a possibility of suicide then the fact that the body wasn't leaning against a tree when he first saw it should have been something to think about.  As DC Coe said to journalist Matt Sandy:  'As I got closer, I could see Dr Kelly's body sideways on, with his head and shoulders against a large tree.  He wasn't dead flat along the ground.  If you wanted to die, you'd never lie flat out.  But neither was he sat upright.'  
  • The fact that there was blood on the Barbour cap off the body was another anomaly.
  • Dr Hunt showed remarkably little interest in the open bottle of water.  The fact is that it was very close to the left shoulder where, as the ambulance crew later remarked, it was surprising that it wasn't knocked over.  To all intents and purposes it was impossible to reach from the body's position too.
This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, rather it flags up a few things that Dr Hunt might have thought about or done.  Surely he must have used some of that time in considering the case, shouldn't he?

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