Friday, 29 June 2012

The mobile phone and James Harrison

At this point I need to make a correction, thinking that I had mentioned all those known to have rung the mobile.  In the late afternoon of 17 July John Clark had to go to an appointment with the optician.  A colleague, James Harrison, made one further attempt to ring Dr Kelly's mobile and this is Mr Harrison answering Mr Knox's questions on 27 August:

Q. Did you try to call Dr Kelly on his mobile?  
A. Yes. John had left at, as I say, around 5 o'clock and he had tried to ring -- he had spoken to Mrs Kelly shortly before that. I was very conscious of the need  to get the balance right. On the one hand, we had to try to answer these questions and the letter fully and accurately on that day if we could. At the same time, I did not want to be bothering Mrs Kelly on the phone or David indeed unnecessarily soon, when there were already messages for David to ring back.  
Q. When you rang Dr Kelly's mobile phone -- 
A. Yes.
Q. -- what was the response? Was it dead, completely dead or was there any electronic voicemail?
A. My recollection is it rang and was not answered and I rang at about 10 to 6 or thereabouts.
Q. I think we heard from Wing Commander Clark that when he tried calling there was an automated response.
A. Yes.

Q. You say when you tried it was simply ringing and there was no automated response?
A. Yes. We discussed this issue the following day, the Friday.   Bryan Wells was in the office and that was after it had been announced by the police that David Kelly was missing. We compared noting on our telephone conversations. I think Bryan Wells had tried shortly after I had and at that time on the Friday morning my clear recollection was that I had rung his
mobile number and that the phone had rung but not been answered.
Q. And you may already have said, what was the precise time as far as you can tell that you first tried to get hold of the mobile?
A. At around 10 to 6. That was the only time. 

From the above it seems as if Bryan Wells had also tried to contact Dr Kelly but to no avail.

The "questions" referred to in the testimony will be the subject of a later post.


  1. Indeed Wells says he did,HI, Aug 14:
    I have a strong recollection it was around 6 o'clock.

  2. Thank you for that Felix. From the various testimonies it seems as if five people at least tried ringing Dr Kelly's mobile phone on the 17th after he left his home: John Clark, James Harrison, Bryan Wells, Rachel Kelly and Olivia Bosch.