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The blood: Dave Bartlett interview of 12.9.10

In my last post I had written about an interview given by the two members of the ambulance crew to Antony Barnett and published in the Observer of 12 December 2004.  Six years later concerns haven't abated and ambulance technician Dave Bartlett gives an interview to journalist Matt Sandy which is published in the Mail on Sunday of 12 September 2010.

The article is here
(you will need to scroll down to near the bottom)

This post, as in the immediately preceding ones, focuses just on the blood although there is plenty of other "meat" to discuss on another day.

The relevant part of the article has been reproduced below:

Some experts have said that for someone to have died in the way Dr Kelly is said to have done, they would have to lose several pints of blood, which would most probably spray in all directions.
Mr Bartlett said: 'I've been to loads of slashed wrists and you always get loads of blood.  I would have thought that he would of got more blood over him.  If he's going to bleed to death, you'll get a fair old bit.
'To me, people rarely commit suicide by slitting their wrists.  They'll usually do it and end up in hospital.'
But that was not the scene they found.  He said: 'There was some [blood] on his left wrist, a few specks on his shirt and a spot the size of a 10p on his trousers.  There was a bit on the nettles and grass but not a lot at all.
'We said at the time we doubted very much he would have died from that wound we saw.  When it came out that the autopsy was from blood loss, we were really surprised.  I've seen more blood at a nosebleed than I saw there.
'I'm not saying he didn't commit suicide.  But there was very little blood for someone who allegedly bled to death.' 

My emphasis has been added to this extract.

It can be seen that the above backs up what was said to Antony Barnett and what Vanessa Hunt and Dave Bartlett said at the Hutton Inquiry.


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