Friday, 29 June 2012

The mobile phone - finding and testing

When Dr Hunt checked the pockets of Dr Kelly's Barbour jacket at the scene he finds, among other things in the front bellows pocket, a nokia mobile phone.  In his first visit to the Inquiry on 3 September ACC Page refers to items found by Dr Hunt and says:

A. Again when the body had been moved he found Dr Kelly's mobile phone.
Q. Do you know whether that was on or not?
A. My recollection is that when found it was off.

A pouch for a mobile phone was also found on the body; this will be discussed in a later post. 

Mr Green states that he received swabs from the mobile phone in his laboratory on 28 July and reports as follows:

Mobile telephone: Swabs from the ear area (SART.1) and the mouth area (SART.2) of the mobile telephone, which was recovered from the jacket pocket, were examined for the presence of bloodstaining but none was found.  Attempts to obtain an STR profile from these swabs were unsuccessful.

On 29 July the mobile phone (and other items) were tested by Fingerprint Development Technician Rennee Gilliland but no marks were recovered from it.

Further testing is described in Annex TVP 5 on the Attorney General's website

The mobile phone was tested by police officers on the 17th September 2003 to check it was functioning correctly.  To achieve this officers took the phone back to Harrowdown Hill and performed several functions to ensure the phone was operating correctly.  The phone was undamaged and in working order.  

It's an interesting time gap between fingerprint checking and seeing if the phone was operational ... almost as if this last mentioned procedure was a late afterthought.

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