Friday, 29 June 2012

The mobile phone - Rachel Kelly and Olivia Bosch

Apart from John Clark, whose relevant testimony is in my last post, at least two other people tried to contact Dr Kelly on his mobile after he left home: daughter Rachel Kelly and colleague Olivia Bosch.

In her evidence we have this from Rachel:

Q. I think you came and helped look for your father?
A. I did, yes. I came over -- Mum told me that Dad had gone for a walk; and we are actually quite a private family and I assumed that after all he had been through he would want to find some solitude, which I quite understood. I thought he had perhaps gone for a walk down to the river. I could quite understand that need in him. So initially I did not worry. But When he then -- I could not reach him on his mobile phone, which did make me worry because I could always reach him.  I then dashed home and was talking to my sisters. Mum actually was not very well and I was torn between leaving Mum and going to look for Dad.

This is part of Olivia Bosch's testimony for 17 July:
Q. Did you have any other conversation with him?
A. No. That evening I tried to call him because I had called him -- we called -- we spoke with each other every day and after the Channel 4 News I tried to telephone him. His land line did not have the answer machine on so I thought maybe there was a problem in the village as before. I tried his mobile phone and some message came up to the effect that the line was not working or you could not get through, or something to that effect.
Q. Just pausing there for a moment. This may be significant. You are sure that the phone just did not keep ringing but there was actually a message that came up on the mobile phone?
A. Yes, yes.
Q. Can you recall roughly what time it would have been that
you tried to call him on his mobile phone?
A. It was after the Channel 4 News, so about 7.45 or so that night. So I would have talked about the news coverage of the day with respect to what was going on.
Q. Did you try again later that evening or just that one time?
A. I just tried that one time. I assumed from our conversation that morning he was finding time to himself.

I don't know whether Mrs Kelly had tried phoning her husband, I've not found anything on the Hutton website to say one way or the other.


  1. From a review of The Government Inspector by Peter Kosminsky written By Anthony Glees: [check that Wiki entry!!]

    Worth reading the review also.

    "We cannot know, of course, why (or how) Kelly decided to kill himself (indeed I, for one, am sceptical that he killed himself in the manner described by the Oxfordshire Coroner). Kelly's professional soulmate, Dr Olivia Bosch (who was not given a part in the play – one wonders why) may have an important line on this"

    Professor Anthony Glees is Director of the Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies and co-author of Spinning The Spies: Intelligence, Open Government and the Hutton Inquiry.

    1. sorry, Powerbase, not Wikipedia. Much more interesting.