Sunday, 24 June 2012

The co-proxamol (3)

The two substances that make up co-proxamol, paracetamol and dextropropoxyphene, were found in Dr Kelly's body.  Three blister packs of co-proxamol, originally ten in each pack but with just one tablet remaining were found in a pocket of the Barbour jacket Dr Kelly was wearing when the forensic specialists were at the scene.  So originally 30 tablets available, one left, that means Dr Kelly swallowed 29 tablets.  Yes?  No, not necessarily.

That the constituents of co-proxamol were found in the body is clear I believe.  At the end of his testimony at the Inquiry there is this exchange between Dr Allan and Lord Hutton:

LORD HUTTON: Mr Allan, if a third party had wanted paracetamol and dextropropoxyphene to be found in Dr Kelly's blood is there any way that the third party could have brought that about by either persuading or forcing Dr Kelly to take tablets containing those two substances?
A. It is possible, but I think it would be --
LORD HUTTON: That is the only way that those substances could be found in the blood, by taking tablets
containing them?
A. Yes, he has to ingest those tablets.
LORD HUTTON: Yes. Thank you very much indeed.

Why did Hutton stop Dr Allan answering his first question?  Then Dr Allan finishes up by telling an untruth:  The components of co-proxamol could have been injected into the body.  Alternatively the tablets could have been crushed and fed by a tube.  Dr Hunt reporting on the mouth writes:  There was a small abrasion consistent with contact against the teeth or biting of the lips on the lower lip on the lipline.  This was approximately 0.6 x 0.3 cms.  There was no significant vital reaction.  Later, at conclusion 16, is this:  The minor injury to the inner aspect of the lip is not associated with bruising nor damage to teeth and does not appear to have any well-developed vital reaction.  This sort of injury may be caused if the tissues of the mouth are bitten.  His deduction may be correct but would this injury to the lip also match the insertion of a tube in his mouth, particularly if Dr Kelly had been incapacitated.

If Dr Allan's last answer in the quoted extract above really had been correct that would have strongly enhanced the suicide hypothesis in my opinion.  Was the "suicide" faked?  If so a lot of trouble was taken over it.  

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