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The co-proxamol (5)

The interview by Antony Barnett of the two ambulance team for the Observer of 12 December 2004 has plenty of interesting information

At one point Dave Bartlett says: I remember saying to one of the policemen it didn't look like he died from that [the wrist wound] and suggesting he must have taken an overdose or something else.

I have already mentioned number 18 in the schedule of responses to issues raised  This is part of it:

Following the discovery of Dr Kelly's body a search was made of his house.  Mrs Janice Kelly was present and was asked to show officers any medicines in the house.

Whether at that time Mrs Kelly felt there were any of her medicines missing I don't know; the only slight hint is her reply to Dingemans that she 'assumed' that the blister packs found on the body had come from her supply.

At the Inquiry there is this interesting commentary by PC Franklin responding to Mr Dingemans:

Q. When the forensic kit arrives and you start doing the fingertip search, do you start on the common approach path?
A. I actually, as police search adviser, do not do the search; that was run by PC Sawyer.
Q. You watched them all doing it for you?
A. Some of the time. As police search adviser I have to
liaise with the senior officers about the policies for the search and what we hope to get out of it, so I was backwards and forwards.
Q. What were you hoping to get out of this search?
A. We have to speak to the DCI initially and he wanted us to look for -- if again I may refer to my notes -- medicine or pill bottles, pills, pill foils or any receptacle or bag that may contain medicines.
Q. You are doing a search for that. Are you also looking for anything else?
A. Yes. The police search teams I work with would pick up anything that would be dropped by a human or out of the ordinary. Those are the items that were just specified to us, but as a search team we tend to look for anything that should not be there.

It is strange isn't it that DCI Young makes that specific point that I have highlighted.  Did DCI Young go to Harrowdown Hill via the Kelly home at Southmoor?  Assuming that he was appointed the Chief Investigating Officer by ACC Page shortly after the body discovery then it seems that it was another two and a half hours approximately before he arrived at the scene.

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