Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Why did Mr Green come "at short notice"? (2)

In my last post it was established that forensic biologist Mr Green attended the Hutton Inquiry on 3 September, that he came at short notice and that it was ACC Page who facilitated his visit in stage 1.

This post looks at why I think he might have been asked to come "at short notice".

On the afternoon of the previous day the two members of the ambulance team gave evidence.  Counsel to the Inquiry will have their police witness statements and, as such, will be familiar with what they did at the time and can question them accordingly.  As one would expect both Vanessa Hunt and Dave Bartlett were asked if there was anything else they wanted to mention.  Most witnesses, as happened at the Hutton Inquiry, would say no.  After all they had been examined in relation to their written statements and I would think that a natural reaction would be to end their ordeal in the spotlight just as quickly as possible.

However the ambulance team seemed to be reading from a different script.  They each commented on the lack of blood at the scene, see my post  http://drkellysdeath-timeforthetruth.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/blood-ambulance-teams-evidence.html  This would be quite alarming to those intent on promoting the conclusions reached by Dr Hunt ... effectively they were saying, as experienced professionals, that Dr Hunt couldn't be right in his belief that Dr Kelly died from haemorrhage after cutting his wrist.  Moreover, because it was such an ineffective way of committing suicide they would have far more practical experience than Dr Hunt in viewing the result of wrist slashing.

Mr Dingemans quickly sees the problem and tries to recover the situation by suggesting that Ms Hunt wouldn't be examining the ground for blood loss.  Well she wouldn't have been specifically doing this but she noticed the small patch of blood on the right knee of Dr Kelly's jeans and some blood on nearby nettles.  She would have been kneeling or squatting near the left side of the body and it's not really credible that she would miss seeing any sizeable pool of blood.

In his report Dr Hunt had recorded smears of blood here, there and everywhere.  Logically, as the blood specialist, Mr Green would have seen the same or more.  Therefore if he could testify at short notice then some of the harm done to the official narrative might be nullified.  

Official proceedings on the afternoon of the 2nd finished at 3.50 pm.  This would leave Hutton time, after discussing the situation with counsel, to phone ACC Page and get him to pop round to see Mr Green.  Mr Green then on the following day went up to London and "delivered" more blood to a very grateful Lord Hutton.

There is evidence that the blood at the scene was augmented between the time that the ambulance team see it and Mr Green's arrival at Harrowdown Hill, this will be discussed later as will Mr Green's imaginative explanation of how some of the blood disappeared. 


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