Sunday, 13 May 2012

The ambulance crew and the slit wrist hypothesis

Unlike people such as Dr Hunt and Mr Green ambulance crew are going to see both live and dead bodies in the course of their work.  They will see many attempted suicides and some successful ones too.  So when Vanessa Hunt and Dave Bartlett, the two ambulance crew that confirmed that the body was dead, are interviewed by Antony Barnett for the Observer of 12 December 2004 I think that we should take note of what they had to say.

This is part of it:

On 18 July last year Bartlett and Hunt received an emergency call to attend a suspected suicide. Over the years they have raced to the scenes of dozens of attempted suicides in which somebody has cut their wrists. In only one case has the victim been successful.
'That was like a slaughterhouse,' recalls Hunt. 'Just think what it would be like with five or six pints of milk splashed everywhere.' If you slit your wrists, that is the equivalent amount of blood you would have to lose.
But this was not the scene which greeted the two paramedics when their ambulance arrived at Harrowdown Hill woods in Oxfordshire, where the body of Dr Kelly, the weapons expert, had been found.

The whole article can be read here

The whole question about lack of blood will be covered later.  Suffice to say at the moment that two ambulance crew with years of experience had attended plenty of attempted wrist slashings but only noted one that had succeeded in its objective.  Of course they wouldn't have had the expertise of a doctor but their huge experience mustn't be overlooked. 

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