Sunday, 20 May 2012

The position of the Evian bottle

Mr Green, the forensic biologist, seems to be certain that Dr Kelly died in the position in which he sees the body on the afternoon of 18th July.  Likewise Dr Hunt is sure that the dead body wasn't moved.  Each of them gives us some information about the position of the Evian bottle and this is reproduced below.

In his report of 25 July 2003 Dr Hunt states:

Lying propped against some broken branches, to the deceased's left and about 1' from his left elbow was an open bottle of 'Evian' water (500 mls).  The top lay close by but further away from the deceased.

Mr Green, in his report of 27 September 2003, describes the geography thus:

Next to the deceased's left shoulder was a Barbour cap (AMH.6).  Beyond this, approximately 25 cm from the left shoulder was an almost empty Evian water bottle (AMH.2) and 12 cm further on was its top (AMH.3).

Ambulance technician Dave Bartlett was interviewed by Matt Sandy for the Mail on Sunday (12 September 2010).  The article includes the following  paragraphs:

Mr Bartlett has another concern.  The Evian water bottle was standing upright no more than six inches from Dr Kelly's left upper arm, and he is amazed that he would not knocked it over while dying.

He said 'I said to the copper at the time, "Who stood the bottle of water up or has it been moved?"  They said it hadn't been moved.  'For someone lying like that on leaf mould with a bottle of water there, he would have knocked it over while dying, I would have thought.  It seemed very odd to me.'

Why did Mr Green and Dr Hunt, the forensic experts, fail to comment on the position of the water bottle?  It took Dave Bartlett, who was at the scene for 5 to 10 minutes, to point out the oddity of the bottle not getting knocked over.  Did Green and Hunt who were there all afternoon fail to spot this?  Clearly too Dr Kelly wouldn't have been able to reach the bottle in its final position whilst lying on his back.  

It was established that Dr Kelly was right handed.  Yet Barbour cap, knife, watch, the water bottle and its top are all found to the left of the body and the "experts" don't comment on the fact.  A possible scenario exists whereby Dr Kelly placed the bottle, propped up against some branches, whilst on his left side.  Somehow though he managed to toss the bottle cap another 5 inches further on and very carefully turned on to his back without disturbing the upright bottle.  Is this really believable?

I will just mention at this point that subsequent to the discovery of the body by "Brock", the search dog of Louise Holmes, the body was moved.  Not only that but the left arm was repositioned relative to the body as well.  These matters will have to await later posts for consideration. 

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