Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dr Hunt and the seminar

In my previous post I highlighted an alarming instance of Dr Hunt's failure to record basic facts correctly.  Now I am going to point out an incident in which he participated in a seminar but where he didn't adhere to General Medical Council guidelines, an action that was to lead to a five year caution.

Miles Goslett has the story here

What lead to the wrath of the GMC was Dr Hunt's breach of confidentiality rules: photographs of the mutilated bodies of three Royal Military police were shown.  Mr Goslett also points out that Dr Hunt (in an interview with the Sunday Times on 22 August 2010) disclosed confidential information relating to the death of Dr Kelly and that he hadn't consulted the Oxfordshire coroner before going ahead.

Dr Hunt's adherence to the rules has obviously been called into question.

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