Thursday, 3 May 2012

Posting times now on GMT

When I wrote my first post the time shown was blogger's default setting of Pacific Time.  As I am in the UK I have now switched to GMT.  Looking at the preview the technology seems to have taken into account that this country is enjoying BST (British Summer Time). 


  1. I see that even the time of my first post, which had been on Pacific Time, has now automatically changed to UK time. Isn't technology wonderful!

  2. Having just praised the technology I see that my comment is on Pacific Time, 8 hours behind the current BST. Very annoying! A quick google search has revealed that this is a problem with "blogger" itself not just with my blog.

    So there is a mismatch between the times of posts and comments. I really don't want my posts to be labelled with Pacific Time so will retain the existing setting and hope that blogger can devise some way of getting comment times to match those of my posts.