Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A short timeline for 18 July - on the ground and in the air

I'm a great believer in timelines in trying to focus on various events and their possible relationship.  Following my last post I thought it would be interesting to compare events on the ground at Harrowdown Hill from midday for the next two and a half hours with what was happening on Tony Blair's flight from Washington to Tokyo during the same period.

From a Freedom of Information request there is now information on when Blair and Falconer were in conference; the times I give I think are British Summer Time but I'm not sure so they may be liable to correction, however the duration is right.

Events on the ground are in blue, those in the air are in red.

12.00 Forensic pathologist Dr Hunt logged into outer cordon  
12.04 Dr Hunt is logged in at the inner cordon
12.06 DCI Young logged in at the outer cordon
12.10 to 12.13 Blair talks to Falconer
12.20 to 12.55 Blair again talks to Falconer
12.35 Dr Hunt goes to the body to confirm death then withdraws from scene
12.50 PC Franklin is asked by DCI Young to organise a fingertip search
13.08 Start of fingertip search
14.10 Dr Hunt, Mr Green and Dr Hickey go to the body to start the examination
14.17 Godric Smith goes to rear of plane to brief journalists
14.35 Blair's plane lands at Tokyo

This contemporary article in the Guardian usefully helps with the timing of the briefing by Godric Smith, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman: 

I'm fairly confident about the landing time for the Blair's plane at Tokyo.  I think that someone took a photo of the plane at that moment and there is a comment to that effect somewhere on the internet.  At the moment I can't find it. 

There may well be further timelines on this blog. 

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