Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Dr Kelly's key fob and wallet

There isn't much to record about Dr Kelly's key fob.  As remarked by Dr Hunt at the Hutton Inquiry and noted in his report he found it along with Dr Kelly's spectacles, mobile phone and the three blister packs of co-proxamol in a pocket of the Barbour jacket.  The presence of the key fob wasn't mentioned by Mr Green in his statement ... I assume that this was just an oversight on his part.

No DNA or fingerprint tests were carried out on the key fob

Dr Kelly's wallet wasn't found on the body at Harrowdown Hill but 'was found by his family on the dining table of his house prior to them reporting him missing'

The fact that Dr Kelly didn't have his wallet with him and that there is no recorded evidence of there being any loose change in his pockets suggests that perhaps he didn't purchase the Evian bottle en route on his walk unless he had the exact money or maybe he popped back home with it before going on his final walk.

I don't have a problem with him not carrying any ID with him on a local walk.  It seems to me that some people when they leave home will automatically take their wallet, others not.  Therefore I don't think any inference should be drawn from the circumstances here.  

If Dr Kelly had been minded to kill himself and leave a suicide note then putting such a note in his wallet would seem to be a way to do it.  The reasoning would be in my opinion that the wallet wouldn't be opened until he had had time to carry out the act and therefore he couldn't be stopped.   Having said this if it was suicide then it was a long and agonising process he chose to use.

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