Friday, 11 May 2012

Mrs Kelly's dubious testimony (6)

Coming to Saturday 12th July Mrs Kelly tells Mr Dingemans that they go to the Eden Project, which is in mid Cornwall.  As to the rest of the day the detail is very vague:

Q. What else do you do on the Saturday?
A. Somehow we got through the day. I am not terribly sure what we did now. We certainly went back home. We wandered along the beach at some stage. That was not easy for him. It was just a nightmare. That is all I can describe it as.

To help Mrs Kelly with her memory lapse I can tell her that she and her husband visited Mr and Mrs Dabbs on the Saturday afternoon. This couple live in a village on the Cornish coast.  It is astonishing that Mrs Kelly had no recollection of visiting them.  

Lord Hutton fails once again.  Despite him being provided with police witness statements from Mr and Mrs Dabbs he doesn't call either of them to the Inquiry.  Surely they could have helped provide an insight into Dr Kelly's apparent state of mind at that time.

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