Friday, 18 May 2012

Dr Kelly left one tablet and 111 ml of water

Dr Hunt gave his evidence to the Hutton Inquiry on 16 September 2003.  During the course of questioning from Mr Knox Dr Hunt reveals the discovery of the co-proxamol blister packs:

Q. What did you notice about the clothing?  
A. He was wearing a green Barbour type wax jacket and the zip and the buttons at the front had been undone.  Within the bellows pocket on the lower part of the jacket there was a mobile telephone and a pair of bi-focal spectacles. There was a key fob and, perhaps more significantly, a total of three blister packs of a drug called Coproxamol. Each of those packs would originally have contained 10 tablets, a total of 30 potentially available.
Q. And how many tablets were left in those packs? 
A. There was one left. 
LORD HUTTON: Did you actually take those blister packs out? Did you discover them in the pocket yourself?
A. Yes, as part of the search, my Lord.
LORD HUTTON: Yes, I see.

So what reason could there be to take so many but leave one?

The volume of water left in the bottle was 111 ml or 22% of the original contents.  Nearly a quarter not drunk then ... would he really have left so much?  

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