Thursday, 3 May 2012

A new blog about Dr Kelly's death

Why write a new blog about the death in 2003 of UK scientist (and civil servant) Dr David Kelly?  I have already got a blog on the subject and I'm grateful for all the folk who have been reading it and have also added comments to most of the entries.  When I started that blog I was intent, as the title implies, to try and come to a conclusion as to whether the death was suicide or murder.  I am now confident that I can rule out suicide.  Furthermore I have no doubt that there was, and still is, a cover up.  

There will, I'm sure, be plenty of repetition of facts that were in the earlier blog.  Lots more information though has come to light and I feel that a new blog is the way to go.

A word about "Conspiracy Theories".  In some quarters I will be described as a "Conspiracy Theorist" simply because I am saying that there was a conspiracy to kill Dr Kelly and a conspiracy to hide the fact that he was murdered.  The expression "Conspiracy Theorist" seems of late to have been used by some in a sweeping and often derogatory sense.  Logically you can only work in one direction on this: dispassionately look at the facts, apply logical thought and only then come to a conclusion.  If the resulting conclusion is that there was a conspiracy then so be it.  What I haven't done is started by saying there is a conspiracy and then working backwards to massage the facts to add substance to an already existing prejudice.

It would be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that every one of the events that appertain to the death of Dr Kelly are components of an all embracing conspiracy.  Cock ups can readily occur.  Something odd or unusual may be just that, odd or unusual.  I will always try to take a balanced and reasonable viewpoint.

As in the earlier blog comments are welcome.  However they must relate to the topic currently being discussed.  The death of Dr Kelly is very multi dimensional and it's too easy to go off looking at another aspect.  So please stay on topic if you don't want your comment removed.  Thank you.

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