Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dr Hunt and Senior Aircraftman Christopher Bridge

Subsequent to the death of Dr Kelly there was another post mortem carried out by Nicholas Hunt that casts very serious doubt on whether Dr Hunt had and has the necessary level of professionalism to be a Home Office appointed forensic pathologist.  

On 30 August 2007 SAC Bridge was killed in Afghanistan.  His body was repatriated to the UK and Dr Hunt carried out a post mortem at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.  As can be seen in this press report Dr Hunt was responsible for a number of quite appalling errors:

Unsurprisingly Dr Hunt's failings compounded the distress already being felt by SAC Bridge's familyObviously what happened here now throws into doubt other post mortems carried out by this hapless pathologist.  The press story indicates that two very different weights had been recorded for SAC Bridge and this is reminiscent of the unusally low weight of 59 kg noted at Dr Kelly's post mortem, this weight is even more relevant when one reads the start of Dr Hunt's conclusions wherein he states 'The deceased was an apparently adequately nourished man'.

Without doubt the work of a forensic pathologist is demanding but there is absolutely no excuse for getting the factual recording wrong.

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  1. The story about SAC Bridge and the post mortem was well covered by the Oxford Times as well