Friday, 18 May 2012

Was 389 ml of water enough?

In my last post I noted that there was 111 ml of water left in the half litre Evian bottle.  If Dr Kelly had indeed ingested 29 tablets he used only 389 ml of water with which to do it, assuming he started with a full bottle.  This works out as an average of a measly 13 ml per tablet, presupposing that the tablets were swallowed individually.  Putting it a more intelligible way: this amount of water is barely the capacity of an English tablespoon which is 15 ml.

I raised this as a concern with the Attorney General's Office.  This can be seen at number 27 in the "Schedule of concerns and responses":

Given the amount of water left in the bottle by the body, he would not have been able to swallow 29 pills.

Dr Shepherd expresses the view that in his opinion it is "entirely possible to ingest 29 or more objects (including tablets) and particularly those that are designed to be swallowed, using only 300 mls of water"

I totally disagree with Dr Shepherd.  It might be possible to swallow a tablet with one tablespoon of water.  In the real world Dr Kelly wouldn't be able to restrict himself to this small amount of water for each of 29 tablets, there would be some where he would be using more of his ration than 13 ml.  Clearly then this would have to be compensated by using less than the 13 ml for some other tablets.

Shepherd talks of a lesser quantity of 300 ml which would make the swallowing all the more challenging.

In an earlier post I had mentioned that alcohol rather than water would be used if one is trying to commit suicide by co-proxamol ingestionWhen the toxicologist Dr Allan gives his evidence he reads out the warnings that come with co-proxamol tablets.  This includes "Avoid alcoholic drink"  As ever Hutton fails to react to the information he is given.

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