Friday, 18 May 2012

The origin of the Evian water bottle

A 500 millilitre bottle of Evian water with 111 ml of water remaining was found near Dr Kelly's body.  There are a number of unanswered questions about this humble object that need to be addressed.

A very basic piece of investigation that Thames Valley Police should have carried out was to try and ascertain where this bottle had come from.  Did they do this?  There is no public record of them so doing.  As we have come to expect Hutton never considered this issue either.

Whether a shop in Southmoor had half litre bottles of Evian water for sale on 17 July 2003 I don't know.  But I understand that there is a shop that sells Evian water and I believe at one time they had their own labels on the products they were selling.  

If the public narrative is accepted then probably the last time Dr Kelly went for a walk from his home (prior to 17 July) was on the evening of 8 July following his return from RAF Honnington.  The possibility, maybe probability, was that Dr Kelly purchased the water on the 17th ... unless the bottle was provided by a "scene setter".

So why didn't ACC Page mention any TVP investigation into when and where the bottle was purchased?  Why didn't Hutton question him on this subject?  If Dr Kelly had bought a bottle of Evian water on the 17th and in Southmoor then that might have helped with a time line of events that day.  There would also be another witness who could have commented on his demeanour.  He was of course well known in Southmoor.

Did TVP investigate the source of the bottle?  Or did they have reason not to? 

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  1. The possibility has been pointed out to me that the Evian bottle might for instance have had tap water in it. Many of us who go walking will take tap water with us using a bottle that originally had spring water in it. In the DK case we just don't know. It's possible that TVP made enquiries at the local shop but drew a blank and that was it.